** The health and well-being of our students and families continues to be our first priority, and we’re working hard to prepare the gym for reopening when it’s safe to do so. We very much look forward to reconnecting with everyone and are optimistic that we will all emerge from this ready to thrive once again.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, we recognize that there are many new plans for social distancing, athletes training, and organization to implement. We will be implementing our reopening in phases. Our staff is working hard to prepare the gym and learning our new operation guidelines.

At this moment I am not able to give you an exact date for our reopening. Our decision and ability to when and how we reopen will be with great consideration on how we can best service our students and families in the safest way possible for The Tumble Gym family as a whole, from our staff to you and your little ones. Once we have our exact plan, we will be sending out options in order to let you make the most comfortable decisions for your own family. We thank everyone for your assistance and patience. **